Chris Ducret co-host with Mark Davis

SolQuanta President and CEO, co-Hosting with Mark Davis on 660 AM The Answer, Dallas, Texas, March 23, 2017. 
Global Leader in Main Street Business Solutions

Imagine your business, where you have unlimited resources with unlimited skills.  Imagine your business where it can be small one day and large the next as your business hits a spike. Imagine your time being freed up to focus on what makes you the very best.  Meet SolQuanta. 

On average SolQuanta can create a 25-50% cost savings.  Our processes enables work to be executed while you are sleeping, vacationing or getting other things done.

You benefit from improved service delivery by increasing accuracy, reducing cycle times and decreasing the need for personnel training.

For the past six years, we have developed solutions that bring technology and methods used by Fortune 500 companies into the hands of you, the small business owners at an affordable cost.

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Chris Ducret co-hosting the Mark Davis Show on 660 AM The Answer, Dallas, TX March 23, 2017
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